About Security TechWatch

Global innovation + our expertise = your foresight

Security TechWatch is a new and innovative way for you to obtain insight into the commercial potential of global security innovations.

Security TechWatch is a web-based subscription service, highlighting the commercial potential of scientific research. We produce concise, focused analyses (known as nuggets) summarising cyber security research, with easy connectivity to related innovation information such as SMEs, research groups and dealflow activity. This service allows you to quickly and effectively evaluate research for its importance to your current and future business, and thereby:

An intelligent window to open innovation

Starting with cyber security, we will provide a specific number of nuggets per month on a subscription basis.

Each nugget is linked to essential contextual information to help you build an understanding of the innovation ecosystem surrounding your technologies of interest:

Smart, impartial, & timely, expert analysis of the technology innovation ecosystem

Our mission is to provide smart, impartial, and timely, expert analysis of the commercial potential of global scientific innovations:

Technology intelligence & innovation analysis by subject matter experts — on tap.

More than ever before, businesses need access to a broad range of technology information to cope with the demands of rapid innovation and the concomitant competitive landscape. With the growing trend towards open innovation, companies need impartial advice on the commercial significance of new research and how it relates to the innovation ecosystem. The TechWatch web-based service puts this technology intelligence at your fingertips.

Security TechWatch

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